Bill Champ

Software Engineer

I am a software engineer.

I've worked at a variety of companies over the years. If you're interested, here's my resume.

Before that, I was a software engineer at Claris Corporation (now FileMaker, Inc.) for 10 years.

While I was there I worked on:

Fun Stuff

Here's a fun little Seek-n-Find style puzzle I wrote for Macintosh computers. Just enter a list of words in the Text window and then ask it to make you a puzzle. You can print the puzzle and solve it on paper or use the mouse and solve it right on the screen.


Here's a little Java applet I'm testing. 



My PGP key ID: 3CBA3E74

Fingerprint: E8E9 02F9 B237 BC4F F8FE 5E0D A13F 925C 3CBA 3E74

My Key is available on all major key servers. Start with: MIT's HTTP Keyserver

e-mail me


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